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Nocturnal Labz Pre-Workout 20/40 Servings | High Stim Pre-Workout w/ DMHA!

Nocturnal Labz's Pre-Workout is not recommended for beginners, as this pre-workout is a high stim pre-workout supplement. This pre-workout contains 375 mg of caffeine, which comes from different sources; Eria Jarensis & Jugians Regia extract, making this pre-workout an extremely high stim one! Nocturnal delivers the ideal energy surge, providing an early kick, but also allows you to push through your entire workout. The three different sources that make up the whopping 375 mg of caffeine include caffeine anhydrous, Infinergy (dicaffeine malate) and caffeine citrate. Caffeine Anhydrous (yielding approximately 99% caffeine) is the true staple form. Caffeine citrate (yielding approximately 50% caffeine) kicks in much faster than caffeine anhydrous, which will also provide a quick surge of energy and will get you moving. Lastly, dicaffeine malate (yielding approximately 75% caffeine) steps in for two key functions. The bonded malic acid works to ease digestive stress caused by caffeine, while considered to be a milder form providing more sustained energy over a longer period of time, keeping your energy up so that you can crush your workout!


  • High Stimulant
  • Three Different Caffeine Sources
  • Quick Surge of Energy
  • Sustained Energy
  • Pre-Workout Formula


Mix 1 scoop with 10-12 ounces of cold water and take 30 minutes prior to workout. 



It is recommended first time users always begin with a half scoop dose to assess tolerance.