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Stimulant Pre-Workout | Axe & Sledge Ignition Switch

Most pre-workouts give you so many Stimulants that you end up crashing and burning after your workout. With Axe & Sledge Ignition Switch, you still get a strong amount of Stimulants, without being enough to cause the crash after your workout! With Ignition Switch, you get plenty of energy for your workouts plus many more workout benefits too!

Along with an energy boost, Axe & Sledge Ignition Switch also helps provide more mental focus, so that you get a stronger Mind to Muscle connection during your workouts. This is provided by the Stimulants like Caffeine in Ignition Switch's formula, which not only helps provide energy, but also boosts brain function! Ignition Switch also promotes Muscle pumps and increased Blood flow, increasing your endurance and performance as well! You may not have guessed, but this is due to the Beet Root Juice in Ignition Switch's formula. Beet Root Juice has been studied and proven to aid exercise performance and Blood flow. And this is just the beginning of the benefits that Axe & Sledge Ignition Pump can provide!

Axe & Sledge Ignition Switch Benefits

  • Helps Increase Energy Levels
  • Promotes Heightened Mental Focus
  • Promotes Mind To Muscle Connection
  • Helps Increase Blood Flow
  • Promotes Muscle Pumps
  • Provides Sustained Energy

Axe & Sledge Ignition Switch Flavors

  • ICEE™ Blue Raspberry
  • ICEE™ Cherry
  • Watermelon Lemonade
  • Unicorn Blood (Rainbow Sherbet)
  • Scorpion Venom (Mixed Berry)
  • Shark Bite (Orange Mango)

How Do I Take Axe & Sledge Ignition Switch?

Take as a dietary Supplement. Axe & Sledge recommends mixing one (1) Scoop with 8-10 Ounces of Water. Drink 15-30 minutes before exercising. Do not take any other products that contain Caffeine or any other kinds of Stimulants while taking Axe & Sledge Ignition Switch.

Axe & Sledge Ignition Switch Ingredients

Axe & Sledge Ignition Switch 40 Servings Ingredients


Axe & Sledge Ignition Switch Side Effects & Warnings

Consult with a Physician prior to use if you have a medical condition. Don't use if pregnant or lactating. Keep out of reach of children. Keep container tightly closed in a cool, dry, and dark place. 


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