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Blackstone Labs Chosen1 | 1-Andro

Chosen1 by Blackstone Labs is the premiere 1-DHEA pro-andro on the market designed to help you achieve lean, dry gains and increase your aggression in the gym. With Chosen1, a two-step enzymatic conversion process converts 1-DHEA into 1-testosterone, using liposomal technology to ensure your cells are getting the most 1-DHEA possible. Blackstone Labs time-release formula gives you a controlled and steady release of 1-testosterone to keep you going hard all day, every day. This hardcore anabolic supplement is one of the best on the market, giving you fast results and clean dry gains.


  • lean, dry gains
  • no bloating or water retention
  • increased muscle mass
  • greater strength and improved recovery time
  • not liver toxic
  • no estrogen conversion
  • 100% legal

About Chosen1

Blackstone Labs Chosen1 is a 1-DHEA derivative that transforms into an active androgen once ingested through a two-step enzymatic conversion process. This formula works in conjunction with your body's natural conversion processes to increase testosterone levels. Blackstone Labs proven Liposomal Delivery System functions to deliver the most 1-DHEA to your cells by protecting the the compounds in Chosen1 from your body's harsh digestive system, meaning your cells get the maximum amount of 1-DHEA possible, giving you more aggression in the gym to help you see results fast and achieve your best physique.

Because Chosen1 also contains derivatives of DHT, the androgenic compounds in Chosen1 do not aromatize estrogen, meaning you will see less unwanted side-effects like gyno, water retention, and acne. Additionally, Chosen1 is a non-methylated prohormone indicating that it is non-toxic to your liver and can be taken safely. 

Post Cycle Therapy

Blackstone Labs strongly recommends all users of Chosen1 to follow up their cycle with Post Cycle Therapy, or PCT. Following your cycle of Chosen1 with a PCT will help your body resume natural testosterone production, regenerate liver cells, and normalize hormone levels. Blackstone Labs PCT-V is formulated to work in conjunction with Chosen1 to ensure that you keep your lean muscle mass gains once you have completed your cycle.

You should begin taking your PCT the day after you conclude your Chosen1 cycle and continue for 4 weeks. Skipping the PCT may result in hormonal imbalance as without a PCT it can take up to 1-4 weeks for your natural testosterone levels to return to normal and you may notice a loss of the majority of your gains and along with other undesirable side effects.

Cycle Support

Although Blackstone Labs Chosen1 is non-methylated, meaning it is not toxic to your liver, cycle support is recommended to assist you in keeping your lipid profiles in check. Blackstone Labs Gear Support is designed to work in conjunction with Chosen1 to provide protection for your liver and organs, decrease blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels, and support a healthy prostate throughout the entirety of your cycle. Gear Support uses red clover extract to avoid any of the negative side effects associated with increased testosterone levels and naturally improve overall health and keep your body feeling at its best so you can destroy in the gym.


Blackstone Labs recommends that you take two capsules daily, once in the morning and once in the evening for 8 weeks, depending on your desired cycle length. Do not exceed two capsules per day. Be sure to follow up each cycle with Post Cycle Therapy (PCT). We recommend Blackstone Labs PCT-V.

Does Chosen1 increase Estrogen?

Increased Estrogen is rare. Blackstone Labs Eradicate can be used as a powerful Estrogen blocker.

Does Chosen1 Cause Hair Loss? 

Chosen1 does not cause hair loss. If you are concerned or prone to hair loss, supplements like Saw Palmetto can help.

Can women take Chosen1?

It is not recommended for women to take Chosen1.

Ingredients Label

Blackstone Labs Chosen1 60 Tablets Ingredients

Warnings and Side Effects

Consult with your healthcare physician before taking. Keep out of reach of children. Not for use by individuals under the age of 18 years. This product contains unapproved substance hormones that may cause increased facial and body hair and voice deepening. If you are at risk for prostate or breast cancer, you should not use this product. Do not use if governed by anybody that prohibits hormone use.

For more information on 1-AD, check out this guide

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Scott F.
United States
I recommend this product

Quality product

This product works just as described right from the first time it is used

Troy D.
United States United States

Mild 1 test

I did just a 4 week cycle and was pleased with the results. It gave me more of a strength increase than anything. I didn't notice as much definition and muscle growth as I did with the high tech 1 test but my strength and endurance saw some good gains. Recommended for a more mild 1 test cycle thats easier on your kidneys than the high tech.

Tony M.
United States United States

Give it a try

Happy with Blackstone 1 and 4 andro. in my experience I'm coming up on my third week. After first week my body started hardening and filling out like other reviews that I've seen. After second week you do start putting on muscle much faster than normal. also you do notice pretty big strength gains. I did think that I would be able to work out every single day while taking this and eating right.false. Once I gave myself two full days of rest with a high protein and high carb diet that's when I really saw the gains. I know some of it's probably water weight. I plan on doing the 1 and 4 cycle for 4 weeks. Then just taking 1 andro for the 4 remaining 4 weeks then a strong pct following that. In my opinion and my experience with this it definitely works. Because due to the coronavirus I've only been able to do at home workouts. I do go pretty hard though. Hope this helps anybody debating on whether doing it or not.

A Supplement Warehouse Customer
A. Perez
United States United States

Stack it with Brutal 4ce!

It worked great for me! 25 lbs. gain of lean mass! I've used things like creatine and other supplements like boosters, but nothing gave me the gains that these two combined did. I haven't stacked it with MQuad but plan to. Obviously you need to lift and eat lots of proteini if you're bulking too. It definitely helped me in strength. The downside is I would wake up super sore and feeling like I was ran over by a train. Small price to pay to gain mass.

Stu N.
United States United States

Test Boost

I’m 57 and have low T - Blackstone Labs Chosen 1 helps give me a little Test Boost. Great Supp for us aging fitness warriors.

Adam S.
United States United States

I love the aggression!!

Overall I’m pleased with my cycle with Chosen1. I noticed the effects around the 3week mark mainly aggression in the gym and muscle hardness. I took this on a cut and it helped me with dropping the weight quick and my muscles stayed hard and dry throughout. Next time I plan on stacking this for a more extreme results

Ty I.
United States United States


No noticeable increase in aggression, libido, etc. However the pumps were pretty great during workouts. Minor minor differences in body composition. Gained ~5lbs in a month. Not sure if that was due to diet or this. Not the effects I was hoping for. Probably won’t take it again.

Stuart N.
United States

Blackstone Labs

I just started taking them about four days ago. It’s hard t say just yet

Christ K.
United States

Chosen 1

This stuff is fantastic and no side effects. I will be ordering again.

Dakota B.
United States

Pretty good stuff

If you want results and are willing to work this is it. It’s the strongest I’ve seen but it works great if you put in work.