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Allmax Nutrition Glutamine 400 Grams

Glutamine is a naturally occurring amino acid in the body and one of the most abundant comprising roughly around 30% of amino acids found. This essential amino acid is produced by the body to ensure the body remains in the state of anabolism. When you supplement with Glutamine you are optimizing the body's ability to maintain skeletal muscle size as well as balancing the immune system. The majority of Glutamine is produced in the skeletal muscle and adipose tissue, additionally; glutamine is synthesized in the lungs, liver and brain. It is predominately used for fuel by small intestines, immune system, hair follicles and the gastrointestinal tract. When supplementing Glutamine into the body it has an increased chance to aid in helping bodybuilders and athletes reduce the amount of muscle deterioration that occurs because other tissues that need glutamine will not rob the glutamine stored in the muscle cells.

Allmax Nutrition Glutamine 400 Grams Benefits:

  • Blocks the action of cortisol's interference
  • Promotes Protein Synthesis
  • Maintains Anabolism
  • Decreases Catabolism
  • Promotes Immune Health
  • Increases Muscle Size and Vascularity
  • Promotes Muscle Repair and Recovery

Allmax Nutrition Glutamine 400 Grams Directions:

Take one teaspoon (5 g) of AllMax Nutrition Glutamine once to twice a day. Mix in fruit juice or your favorite beverage. For optimal results, take AllMax Nutrition Glutamine directly after intense training and directly before bedtime.


Store in a cool dry place after opening.