Weighted Hula Hoops

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What is a Weighted Hula Hoop?

A weighted hula hoop is a heavier version of a typical hula hoop. Most have individual pieces that connect and come apart to adjust to your body type, and are typically either made of a heavy plastic with exterior padding or feature a weighted ball that attaches to the hoop.


Is Hula Hooping a Good Workout?

Yes. Weighted Hula Hoops are a good alternative to mix into a workout. They’re efficient for building aerobic endurance, burning calories and providing an alternative to running or jumping rope since there isn’t a high impact on the knees.

Weighted Hula Hoops should be in addition to a workout out routine and not the only form of exercise.

What Muscles Does Hula Hooping Workout?

1. Strengthen your core

2. Improve cardiovascular health

3. Burn calories

4. Improve your balance

6. Reduced Abdominal body mass

7. Decreased abdominal fat

8. Slimmer waist

Possible Side Effects if Overused of Not Used Correctly:

- Bruising of the skin

- Bruising of the soft tissue of the abdomen

- Internal bruising

- Abdominal hernias

Recommended Use:

- Start with an unweighted hoop (for individuals at a lower fitness level)

- Progress to a hoop under 2 pounds as strength and coordination improve

- It is advised to use the hoop for no more than 20 minutes per exercise session

Recommended Positioning:

- Keep your shoulder down in order to protect your lower back, keeping your chest up to prevent the shoulders from rounding forward and keeping your ribs down, which prevent hyperextending the lower back

- If you notice bruising, chest pain or other body pains, stop using the hula hoop and talk to your doctor