Pre-Workout Supplements for Pregnant Women

Here at Supplement Warehouse, pre-workout supplements are one of the biggest selling types of products. And why shouldn't they be? Pre-workout supplements help you get enough energy to get to the gym, especially after a long day, or long night! They also can help with focus and giving you those awesome pumps making you feel "alpha" at the gym.

But what if you are pregnant and used to taking a pre-workout supplement, and want to continue to taking pre-workout supplements? Well, first, we would tell you to make sure to ask your doctor first. We are not doctors and can only recommend products that other customers take when pregnant. But let's get into some common questions.

Can You Take a Pre-Workout Supplement While Pregnant?

The answer that no one likes to hear...first talk to your doctor. We always recommend this before taking any sort of supplement while pregnant. Now we can tell you though that many of our customers who are pregnant continue to take pre-workout supplements, they just tend to stick to pre-workout supplements that are more natural and have less variants of stimulants in them. Those we will list later in this article. So while we again recommend speaking with your doctor, most customers don't have a problem drinking a pre-workout while pregnant.

Is it Safe to Take a Pre-Workout Supplement While Pregnant or Trying to Get Pregnant?

Sorry, once again, talk to your doctor first. Based on our experience though, the customers that shop with us never stop taking a pre-workout supplement when trying to get pregnant or while pregnant. We just recommend again, something that is less stimulant-heavy. We will list some of these supplements below?

I Don't Want to Take a Pre-Workout While Pregnant, What Can I Replace it With?

Some of our customers do indeed choose to stop taking pre-workouts all together. Some decide to just drink coffee instead. But if you are trying to stay away from any types of caffeine, you can take a non-stimulant pre-workout supplement instead. What is a non-stimulant pre-workout? It is a supplement that you take before your workout that has ingredients in it to help naturall increase your energy (without caffeine or stimulants) as well as ingredients for pumps and focus. It won't be a full 100% replacement to what you are used to, but it can help! These are the non-stimulant pre-workout supplements we would recommend if you are trying to replace your pre-workout supplement while pregnant.

Recommended Pre-Workout Supplements While Pregnant

The reason we are choosing these products is due to their minimal stimulants and the popularity of them by women. If you have any question on whether you should take a pre-workout supplement, please speak to your doctor.

Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy 30 Servings


Energy Packed Pre-Workout Formula - Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy Whether you need an afternoon pick me up or something to keep you energized during your morning workout or commute, Optimum Nutrition’s Amino Energy will keep you focused and alert throughout the day! This pre-workout supplement contains natural ingredients like Caffeine and Green Tea to give you a boost without the use of harmful chemicals. Amino Energy is easily customized to fit to your needs and lifestyle. You can control the ...

Allmax Nutrition A:Cuts 30 Servings


Allmax Nutrition A:CUTS 30 Servings Need an energy boost? Whether you are a professional athlete or a working professional, everyone's chief complaint is fatigue. Instead of reaching for that over-priced coffee or sugary energy drink, try A:CUTS by Allmax Nutrition. A:CUTS is a revolutionary energy supplement powder that when mixed with water gives you a delicious drink loaded with nutrients and caffeine to power you back up. Now in 8 great-tasting flavors, A:CUTS can be taken as a pre-workout o ...

Garden of Life Sport Organic Plant-Based Energy+Focus Sugar Free 40 Servings


Garden of Life Sport - Organic Plant-Based Energy+Focus Sugar Free 40 Servings Are you looking for a plant-based energy supplement to add to your plant-based diet? Or maybe you just want a more clean, natural way of getting a boost of energy for your pre-workout? Then Garden of Life Sport Plant-Based Energy+Focus is the plant-based pre-workout for you! Garden of Life Sport Plant-Based Energy+Focus provides a fast-acting energy boost before your workout and it is USDA organic and certified vegan! ...

Now if you have any questions on the pre-workout supplements to take, please don't hesitate to contact the supplement warehouse team via phone, email or live chat!