Supplements For Cycling According To Peloton Instructors

A recent Article by Delish.Com features excerpts from four very popular Peloton Instructors. The article details "What America's Fittest Peloton Instructors Eat In A Day." However, the Instructors not only name their Diets in the Article, but also, their Supplement routines. Instructors Cody Rigsby, Hannah Corbin, Emma Lovewell, and Olivia Amato drop some knowledge on which Supplements they deem essential to take when partaking in strenuous Cardio workouts, including Cycling and Running. And you're in luck, Gym Junkies! We sell all of their picks here at Supplement Warehouse, and are here to tell you what they are! Wanna look like your Peloton Instructor ASAP?! Stick with us at SW and read up!!


Hannah Corbin is one of the most popular Peloton Instructors, and is in absolute tip-top shape. Corbin credits this tremendously to the fact that she's "mostly Vegan," and "hasn't had Dairy products in 10 years." When it comes to Supplements, Hannah has two that she swears by: a Vegan friendly Protein Powder and a good Post-Workout BCAA formula. Corbin says, "I get ready to teach a Peloton class by putting Branched-Chain Amino Acids in my water bottle, which I do ever time I have an intense workout." She goes on to say that she then "makes a Shake full of Blueberries, Vegan Protein, and Soy Milk." Shop Hannah's picks below.



Along with being an OG Peloton Instructor, Emma Lovewell is also a Model/Dancer. Emma's Supplement pick is a unique one, but is extremely trendy and packed with benefits. What's Lovewell's essential Supplement pick, you ask!? Matcha Powder! Lovewell says that she's "been making Matcha lately—and loving it." Matcha is a Superfood that is packed with natural Antioxidants and Anti-Inflammatory properties. Shop Emma's picks below.



This Dancer turned Peloton Instructor has a passion for Health + Fitness, Boo! Cody Rigsby joined the Peloton family five years ago and "uses Nutrition and Diet as a Supplement" to whatever his Fitness goals are. Rigsby's two essential Supplement picks are just that...essential. Rigsby swears by a top tier Collagen Supplement and a BCAA formula. Rigsby says he starts each day off with "Coconut Oil and Collagen Peptides," which helps to give him energy before a tough workout. His workouts are then followed up with a quality Post-Workout BCAA formula! Shop Cody's picks below.



Funny enough, Olivia Amato began her career in Finance before joining the Peloton crew as a Fitness Instructor. When it comes to Diet and Fitness, Amato lives by the saying, "everything in moderation." Amato says that she doesn't limit herself or follow a strict/specific Diet. This trendsetter's Supplement pick is almost as trendy as her. Olivia's essential Supplement is also Matcha Powder! Amato says she'll "often meet up with friends at the local Matcha shop" and loves to reap the benefits. Shop Olivia's picks below.