Smart, Sweets Brand New "Mystery Candy" Announced As Red Licorice Twists

Smart, Sweets Brand New "Mystery Candy" Announced

Smart, Sweets are by far, one of the hottest-selling healthy snack brands of 2020. Their formula is absolutely delicious & touts low sugar & high fiber contents. Smart, Sweets started their brand with just a few options including Gummy Bears, Sour Gummy Bears, Peach Rings, and Sweet Fish. However, the brand has quickly expanded to other flavors and candies such as their Smart Chews, Sourmelon Bites, and most recently, Halloween Treat Gummy Worms.

Earlier this month, Smart, Sweets teased consumers on their Instagram page, announcing that they'd release a brand new flavor in the coming weeks. The image showcased the new flavor wrapped in bubble wrap, hiding it's label. Last week, the brand sent out an e-mail to their exclusive e-mail list revealing their newest flavor. Smart, Sweets newest addition is....... Red Twists!! The Red Licorice appears to be their take on Red Vines Licorice.

The all new Smart, Sweets Red Twists are now available on the Supplement Warehouse website. Be sure to check our website & stock up on them now, before they sell out! If you'd like to check out the new Red Twists, or the rest of the Smart, Sweets line-up, follow the link below.


Smart, Sweets 12/Box


Got a craving for a sweet treat? Replace the traditional, sugar-filled candies with Smart, Sweets! Smart, Sweets candies are low in calories, sugars, and unhealthy ingredients! Smart, Sweets are full of fiber to help crush your cravings and are made with plant-based ingredients!


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