Redcon1 War Zone | The Newest Supplement from Aaron Singerman

War zone

Redcon1 remains one of the hottest supplement brands in the sports nutrition market today. That is why the team at Supplement Warehouse is very excited about the new War Zone supplement that Aaron Singerman is releasing.

Now there is very little known about the new War Zone supplement. From looking at the bottle, we do know a few things.

  • It helps increase protein synthesis
  • It helps with muscle recovery
  • It is a potent muscle builder

At first, we are thinking it might have a stack of epicatechins and laxogenin, but there are already similar products like that from Redcon1. So right now, the new War Zone is a mystery as far as the ingredients are concerned. As soon as Redcon1 releases the ingredient profile, we will update this blog post. And Supplement Warehouse should be one of the first companies to sell this new War Zone, so make sure to sign up for our emails!

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