NEW: Sour Green Apple Ghost Energy Drink

Ghost is back with a new flavor of their ever-so-popular energy drink! Our entire team has been drinking Ghost Energy Drinks for a couple years now and absolutely love them. I have got to say that their flavors are more on point than anything else on the market today. My biggest favorite is still the Swedish fish flavor. Amazing! So I am extra excited to hear about their newest flavor, Sour Green Apple. This reminds me of my younger years when I would eat those sour green apple jolly ranchers that were so popular in school. I really hope it tastes just like one! I just don't think anything on the market right now has really hit that flavor correctly. I mean Bang Energy does have an apple flavor, Rockstar has a sour apple flavor, but I haven't really liked either. Before even trying this, I think Ghost will hit this one out of the park.

Sour Green Apple Details

Just like the other energy drinks from Ghost, you can expect 200mg of caffeine and zero sugar from this new flavor.

Supplement Warehouse always gets in Ghost energy drinks pretty fast, so I would expect us to get this green apple flavor in stock as soon as it is released. So if you want to get notified of it as soon as it comes in, make sure to subscribe to the form below!

Sour Green Apple Energy Drink

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