New Purus Labs Keto Supplement: BHB Energy Coming Soon

Purus Labs BHB Energy Keto Fuel

Purus Labs Ketone Energy Supplement

Purus Labs has done it! They are coming out with a brand new product, and a keto-driven one, no less. This exciting new release will be called BHB Energy! As the name implies, BHB Energy will contain BHB ketone salts to help support the process of ketosis. This new product will also contain caffeine to put the "energy" in "BHB energy." 

We know that a 2 scoop serving of BHB Energy will contain 8 grams of goBHB Ketones, along with 140mg of natural caffeine from coffee beans, but this serving can be halved to one scoop for your convenience. Depending on whether you take one or two scoops per serving, one container of BHB Energy will last about 40/20 servings. The formula of BHB ketones and caffeine claims that it will provide a ketogenic fuel and also help with focus and brain activity. 

For now, the first BHB Energy flavors that will be available are Mango Chile Limeade and Citrus Blueberry. If you're a fan of Purus Labs products, you're definitely going to want to give this new product and its cool flavors a try! 

Stay tuned for more info on this product and if we'll be getting it in at Supplement Warehouse! In the meantime, check out the rest of our Purus Labs collection at the link below!

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