New Product Alert: Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Diosterol
Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Diosterol

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Diosterol

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals looks to be releasing a brand new testosterone booster named Diosterol. This clinically tested formula contains Tribulus Terrestris, which has been shown to support free testosterone levels in adult males. Diosterol has been shown to help improve erectile abilities, elevate mood, and boost muscle mass. Hi-Tech has a pretty large line of testosterone boosters like our top sellers Testosterone 21, Bulasterone, Tongkat Ali, and the entire line of Prohormones. When it comes to quality, Hi-Tech is by far above most other companies with their patented Cyclosome Delivery technology guaranteeing high bioavailabilty for all of their tablets.


While this is the first stand alone Diosterol product we have seen, this is not the first time Hi-Tech has used this trademark ingredient in their products. Diosterol can be found in USP Labs Pink Magic, Innovative Labs Monster Plexx, USP Labs Ultimate-T, Hi-Tech Testovite, and Hi-Tech Dianabol. This product will be a great addition to any on cycle testosterone support or even added to a post cycle product such as Arimiplex. I would honestly stack this together with Hi-Tech's Turkesterone, and Hi-Tech's Testosterone 21 as somewhat of an Ultimate Natty Stack. When this releases, we may build this stack up for all of you!


At this time we do not have a release date for this product but we will be sure to let you know once we know more information about the debut of Diosterol!


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