New & Improved HyperMax Extreme

Performax Labs HyperMax Extreme

HyperMax as we know it has been one of the most well received and reviewed pre-workout supplements on the market. Which is why it is so exciting that Performax Labs has confirmed that HyperMax is getting an upgrade- to the form of HyperMax Extreme pre-workout! 

This amazing and effective pre-workout is soon to become even more amazing! Performax Labs has promised that this upgrade will deliver higher energy levels and focus, enhanced pumps, and even better performance than before! If Performax follows through on these claims, then HyperMax Extreme is likely to become the best pre-workout on the market! 

Some details already released are that the new version of HyperMax will contain 40 Servings per one-scoop serving and 20 servings per 2-scoops. This convenient serving structure will last you many a workout! HyperMax Extreme is expected to come in the Orange Mango flavor alongside one other unnamed flavor, plus another flavor to be added after launch. 

The new & improved HyperMax Extreme is projected to come out sometime mid-January, so keep checking back here at Supplement Warehouse, where we will keep you updated with all the news and release of this product! 

(2/21/19) UPDATE: Hypermax Extreme is here! Click the link below to be taken to the Hypermax Extreme page!

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