New Birthday Cake Flavor Bang - Birthday Cake Bang Coming Soon!

New Bang Flavor Revealed: Birthday Cake Bang!

Birthday Cake Bash Bang

New Flavor: Birthday Cake Bash!

Get ready for some exciting (and surprising) VPX Bang news! The newest flavor of Bang Energy drinks has been leaked by Hy-Vee...and it is Birthday Cake Bash! 

Just like the rest of the original Bang Energy line, this new flavor of Bang will be zero calories and contain zero sugar. Just like other Bang Energy drinks, it will also contain super Creatine, BCAAs, and likely 300mg of caffeine. 

The VPX website still has the flavor listed as a "mystery flavor" so we may have to wait a bit longer for the flavor to be widespread, but we'll keep you updated right here at Supplement Warehouse when we expect to get this brand new flavor in! 

In the meantime, check out the previous new flavor of Bang Energy, Frose Rose, or any of the other delicious flavors of Bang through the link below! 

7/31/19 Update! The new Birthday Cake Bash Bang flavor has finally been officially announced! And we're just as excited as you are to announce that we're going to be getting it in SOON! we're taking pre-orders for the new flavor that will ship out next week, around 8/7/19! 

Bang Mystery Flavor

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