Metabolic Nutrition's New Stimulean Fat Burner
Stimulean New Product

New Metabolic Nutrition Fat Burner: Stimulean

Metabolic Nutrition has announced a brand new product and it's name is Stimulean! You may be able to guess from the name, but Stimulean will be a energy and fat loss promoting supplement. According to its packaging, Stimulean claims to provide clean energy and also increase mental focus. It will also be a thermogenic fat burner, meaning it will increase the body's core temperature for maximum calorie burn. 

You can expect a potent formula from Metabolic's Stimulean. As the name implies, it contains a high concentration of stimulants, including caffeine, grains of paradise, and yohimbine. Many of these stimulant ingredients are also well-known fat burning agents as well, so this formula looks pretty promising. You can check out the whole label below for an idea of what to expect!

Keep checking back for updates on Metabolic Nutrition Stimulean and when we might be getting it in stock here at Supplement Warehouse!

Update! StimuLean is HERE at Supplement Warehouse! Just click on the button below to be taken directly to the product page to learn all about StimuLean!

Stimulean Label

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