'Merica Labz Releasing Four New Flavors of F-Bomb on Black Friday

Today 'Merica Labz released images for four new flavors of their extreme high stim pre-workout F-Bomb. If you haven't had a chance to try this product yet, one of the key features that stands out is its insanely high dose of Beta Alanine at 6,400mg along with 400mg of caffeine per scoop. I'll tell you, this has quickly become a fan favorite for all of our stim junkies who love that tingly feeling you get from the Beta Alanine. 


The first drop of F-Bomb came in three flavors, Firecracker Candy, Giggle Pouch, and Watermelon Lime Splash. The second drop will introduce four new flavors, F Your Feelings, Fruit Cocktail, Upside Down Pineapple, and Cat Scratch Fever. 'Merica Labz has said that these four new flavors will be dropping exclusively on their site this Black Friday. We should be receiving these new flavors hopefully not longer after their release. For now, grab a tub of one of the original flavors and give this extreme stim pre-workout a try!


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