Garden Of Life Introduces Ready To Drink Protein!
GoL RTD Drink Boxes

Garden of life RTD protein for On-The-GO!

Get ready to enjoy your favorite Garden of Life proteins in a convenient, on-the-go container! Garden of Life has just released an on-the-go RTD ("ready-to-drink") form of their Garden of Life Organic and Sport protein formulas for your active lifestyle convenience! No more running out of time to take your protein before going to the gym or other events with Garden of Life RTDs! They will be releasing RTDs for two different protein options: Organic Plant-Based Ready to Drink Protein and SPORT Grass-fed Ready to Drink Protein

Some highlights of the Garden of Life Organic, Plant-Based RTD Protein include:

  • Contains 21g of protein
  • Certified vegan & gluten free
  • 0g of sugar
  • Contains no dairy, no soy

And some highlights for the Garden of Life SPORT Grass-Fed RTD Protein include:

  • Contains 26g of protein
  • 0g of sugar
  • Certified gluten free

Both types of protein will help build and repair muscles post-workout and help feed your metabolism, helping you recover from your tougest workouts. And with zero grams of sugar, what's not to love?

Stay tuned for more details on the Garden of Life RTD protein drinks and when we might be getting them in stock here at Supplement Warehouse! In the meantime, check out the rest of Garden of Life's proteins at the link below! 

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