Condmned Labz Arsyn Becomes Arsynist

Condmned Labz Arsyn Becomes Arsynist

Condemned Labz has just renamed their popular fat burner Arsyn. It will now be Arsynist instead. Arsyn has been one of the most popular fat burners among our customers here at Supplement Warehouse. Arsyn includes 200mg of DMHA, 300mg of Caffeine, Synephrine, Higenamine, Hodenine and quite a few other stimulants, nootropics & thermogenics.

The renaming of Arsyn isn't really effecting the formula by much. The formula of Arsynist only includes a small addition of 5mg of Vinpocetine, a manmade chemical, a nootropic ingredient which can increase blood flow to the brain as well as help to protect brain cells against injury.

If you were a fan of Condemned Labz Arsyn feel free to check out the rebranded one as Arsynist, which has just a small addition, but overall has the same great formula!

Jun 26th 2023 BigCommerce

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