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ZenEvo Sleepy Sweet White Chocolate 50 Pieces

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Melatonin-Infused Chocolate for Sleep - ZenEvo Sleepy Sweet White Chocolate

Having trouble sleeping? Don't want to skip the sweet bedtime snacks? Then ZenEvo has the solution for you in the form of their new sleepy time White Chocolate snack! ZenEvo Sleepy Sweet White Chocolate is infused with Melatonin, a hormone that is naturally found in the Body to help you sleep. The 3g of Melatonin included in ZenEvo Sleepy Sweet White Chocolate naturally helps you relax and unwind, making it easier to fall asleep. This is why people who's Bodies don't make enough Melatonin at night have trouble falling asleep, and may be the same reason you may have trouble sleeping if you do. And because ZenEvo Sleepy Sweet White Chocolate is low in Sugars and Carbs, it makes an even more perfect bedtime snack you you won't feel regretful after eating! So treat yourself to a sweet desert before bed that will also help you fall asleep! 

ZenEvo Sleepy Sweet White Chocolate Benefits

  • Gluten Free & Non-GMO
  • 3 Grams Of Melatonin Per Square
  • Made With All Natural White Chocolate
  • Low In Sugar & Carbohydrates
  • Delicious Treat Before Bed

When Do I Take ZenEvo Sleepy Sweet White Chocolate?

Simply enjoy one (1) Piece of ZenEvo Sleepy Sweet White Chocolate before bed to help with sleep! 

Where To Buy Zen Evo Chocolate?

You can buy ZenEvo Protein Cups and other ZenEvo Chocolate products right here at Supplement Warehouse! We also have retail stores in Bolingbrook, IL and West Allis, WI for your convenience! 

ZenEvo Sleepy Sweet White Chocolate Ingredients


ZenEvo Sleepy Sweet White Chocolate Side Effects & Warnings

Do not take prior to or while operating machinery or a vehicle. Consult a Physician if you are pregnant/nursing. Processed where Nuts are present and on equipment previously used to process Milk Chocolate. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children.


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