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On-the-Go Energy - ZenEvo Driving Energy 50/Box

Do you find yourself wishing you had a better on-the-go method for increased energy than just reaching for the same old coffee or energy drinks? Ever wondered why there are so many energy drinks on the market, but not enough energy snacks with the same energy content to rival them? Well worry no more, because ZenEvo Driving Energy is here to solve your on-the-go energy needs! No more getting stuck with coffee as your go-to energy solution- ZenEvo Driving Energy has the caffeine of almost 2 cups of coffee to keep you going, all in the form of a delicious chocolate bar to satisfy your sweets cravings. 

ZenEvo Driving Energy provides all of the energy that the typical cup (or 2) of coffee or an energy drink would provide, but in a fun, easy, and delicious on-the-go snack! Perfect for hours-long road trips, long hours at work, or even just late nights studying, ZenEvo Driving Energy is the energy solution for almost everyone! 

ZenEvo Driving Energy Benefits

  • Helps You Stay Awake Longer
  • Helps Sustain Energy & Focus
  • Contains All Natural Ingredients
  • Contains 150mg of Caffeine per Serving
  • With Only 4.5g of Sugar per Serving 
  • Great Tasting Flavors

ZenEvo Driving Energy Flavors

  • Dark Chocolate
  • Mint

How to Take ZenEvo Driving Energy

Suggested Daily Intake of ZenEvo Driving Energy is 1 piece, so simply take 1 piece when you need an energy boost. 

ZenEvo Driving Energy Ingredients


ZenEvo Driving Energy Side Effects

Warnings: Processed Where Nuts Are Present And On Equipment Previously Used To Process Milk Chocolate. Contains Soy. Do Not Exceed 2 Pieces Per Day. Not Intended For Children 14 And Under. Suggested Daily Intake Of 1 Piece. Pregnant Or Nursing Women And Individuals Taking Any Medication Or Who Have Underlying Conditions Should Consult With Their Physicians Before Using This Product. Zenevo Corporation Assumes No Responsibility For The Improper Use Of Driving Energy.


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