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Low Sugar Protein Bar | Quest Snack Bar

If you're looking to switch up your mundane, Protein bar regimen, look no further. Quest's Snack Bar delivers 10 whopping grams of Protein per serving & come in a variety of delicious tasting flavors. Quest Snack Bars are easy to take on-the-go & are a low-carb, Keto friendly snack. Each serving contains just 1 gram of Sugar. Quest's formula consists of Dairy-based Proteins & each box contains 12 bars/servings. Spice up your Protein bar routine today. Introducing Quest Snack Bar!! 

Quest Snack Bar Benefits

  • Delicious & Unique Tasting Flavors
  • 10 Whopping Grams Of Protein Per Serving
  • Only 1 Gram Of Sugar Per Serving
  • Contains Dairy-Based Proteins
  • Easy & Convenient For On-The-Go
  • Completely No Added Sugar
  • 100% Keto Friendly Snack Bar
  • Each Box Contains 12 Bars & 12 Servings

Quest Snack Bar Flavors

  • Sea Salt Caramel Almonds
  • Peanut Chocolate Crunch
  • Cranberry Trail Mix
  • Chocolate Mixed Nuts

How Do I Take Quest Snack Bar?

Quest recommends enjoying a Quest Snack Bar whenever you're craving a delicious, Protein snack.

Quest Snack Bar Ingredients 

Serving Size: 1 Bar

Servings Per Container: 12

Calories 210

Total Fat 15g 

Saturated Fat 3.5g

Trans Fat 0g 

Cholesterol 0mg 

Sodium 170mg 

Total Carbohydrate 15g 

Dietary Fiber 7g 

Total Sugars 1g

Includes 0g Added Sugars

Sugar Alcohols 4g

Protein 10g 

Vitamin D 0mcg 

Calcium 90mg 

Iron 0.9mg 

Potassium 180mg 

Other Ingredients: Milk, Almonds, & Peanuts.

Quest Snack Bar Side Effects & Warnings

Processed in a facility that also processes Eggs, Soy, Wheat, & other Tree Nuts. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children.


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