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Glucose Disposal Agent Supplement | Outbreak Adapt

If you're looking for a new & improved Glucose Disposal Agent Supplement, look no further. Outbreak Adapt is the supplement for you! Adapt will help to use your Carbs for Muscles, Strength, & Pumps. Outbreak Adapt will also help to keep Blood Sugar levels stabilized & help you to build lean Muscle. Outbreak's new Adapt supplement will also mimic the effects of Insulin & comes in easy, on-the-go capsules. Pick up a bottle today. Introducing Outbreak Adapt!! 

Outbreak Adapt Benefits

  • Helps To Use Carbs For Muscles, Strength, & Pumps
  • Encourages Decreased Fat Storage Levels
  • Keeps Blood Sugar Levels Completely Stabilized
  • Helps To Build Lean Mass Gains In The Body
  • Mimics The Effects Of Insulin
  • Supports "Muscle Feeding" With Carbohydrates
  • Easy, On-The-Go Capsule Formula

How Do I Take Outbreak Adapt?

Outbreak recommends taking four (4) ADAPT™ capsules 30 minutes prior to, or directly after high Carbohydrate meals. Adapt works by sending Glucose to the muscles to be used as energy rather than stored as fat. Please read the warnings. Ingredients in ADAPT™ have been clinically shown to lower/stabilize Blood Sugar levels. For optimal results, this product should be taken with a diet and exercise plan. ADAPT™ may have ingredients banned by certain sporting federations and could cause positive test results to banned substances.

Outbreak Adapt Ingredients


Outbreak Adapt Side Effects & Warnings

ADAPT™ is an effective Glucose Disposal Agent and therefore you should not use ADAPT™ if being treated for Blood Pressure, Thyroid issues, Stroke, any Heart related conditions, any disorder related to the Liver or Kidneys, any Psychiatric illness or disorder and/or any other Mental Health issue. ADAPT™ should not be taken in conjunction with any medication at all without the prescribing Doctor's permission. You should always check with your Doctor before taking any supplement. This product works directly on Blood Sugar levels, please discuss with your Doctor before use. If any adverse effects begin, discontinue use and if necessary consult with a Doctor.


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