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JSTWRK (Just Work) Energy Drink 12/Case

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Color: Glacier Ice
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Axe & Sledge JSTWRK (Just Work) Energy Drink 12/Case

Do you love energy drinks, but looking for something that takes it to the next level with energy, motivation and flavor? Every delicious can of Jstwrk gives you 200mg of caffeine. Just enough to push you throughout the day, but not too much to make you feel all jittery! Caffeine is one of the most well research substances on the market and it's been shown time and again to be both safe and effective. Because of the dosage, you can take up to two cans of JSTWRK per day and feel amazing!

JSTWRK didn't stop there. The guys at Axe and Sledge wanted to further improve your day, whether working, school or working out by adding compounds shown to increase mental awareness and performance boosts. These include Taurine, Inositol and B-Vitamins!

Highlights & Benefits

  • Four Delicious Flavors: Shark Bite, Blue Raspberry Icee, Cherry Icee & Glacier Ice
  • 200mg of Caffeine Per Can
  • Added Taurine for Mental and Physical Performance Increases
  • Includes Inositol for Mood & Motivation Boosting
  • B-Vitamins for Natural Energy and Alertness

Directions / Dosage

Axe and Sledge recommends that you drink up to two cans of JSTWRK per day to feel your best!