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The Lean & Hard Test Boosting Weight Loss Stack

The Lean & Hard Stack is the Ultimate Cutting Stack for those looking to shed fat and gain more lean hard muscle. This powerful stack from Apollon Nutrition features the likes of their Shogun Fat Burner to help you shed fat along with Hard Target to help boost testosterone levels, build lean muscle, and harden up your muscles giving you that "dry hard" look.

The Lean & Hard Stack Product Highlights

  • Experience a Mind/Muscle Connection Like Never Before
  • Powerful Intense Long Lasting Energy
  • Shogun Will Make You Sweat, Sweat Sweat
  • Accelerate Gains Beyond What You Thought Possible
  • No Cycle Support or PCT Necessary


Take 2 capsules of both Hard Target & Shogun each morning with breakfast. 

The Lean & Hard Stack Supplement Facts & Ingredients

Apollon Hard Target

Apollon Nutrition Hard Target Ingredients

Apollon Shogun

Apollon Nutrition Shogun Ingredients


Store in a cool dry place before opening. This stack is for healthy adults 18 years of age and older. 

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