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Rivalus Native Pro 100 1.2Kg | High Protein Blend

Rivalus Native Pro 100 is the latest innovation in Whey Protein. Rivalus lower temperature technology extracts pure whey protein directly from the milk of pasture raised grass-fed cows. This process helps preserve more of the naturally occurring benefits which are scientifically shown to support muscle performance. 

Rivalus Native Pro 100 Product Highlights

  • High Protein Content (94% Protein Purity)
  • Naturally Richer in Key Amino Acids (Supports Lean Muscle Growth)
  • Low Heat Processing (Less Protein Denaturation)
  • Backed by Research
  • 0.1 Grams of Lactose

What's in RIVALUS Native Pro 100



8-10 ounces H20 + 1 Full Scoop

Anytime you need to fuel your body with the highest quality protein available.


Use as a food supplement only. Do not use for weight reduction.