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Purus Labs Mass Gain 9.7lb | Quality Calories 

Purus Labs Mass Gain is CALORIES, pure and simple. It’s specifically designed with a 5:1 carb: protein ratio for the hard-gainer who needs quality calories to fuel their muscles. Not just calorie quantity, but calorie quality. 52g of high quality, gently processed, low temperature filtered whey protein ensures your muscles have plenty of amino acids to recover and build new muscle with. 250 blended-source high-energy carbohydrates provide you bulk-calories in the form of usable muscle-energy. 6g multi-source “good” fats provide energy and help in muscle cell development. If you’re trying to pack on size, this is literally your meal ticket.  


  • Anytime Use 
  • Continual Recovery 
  • Builds Strength 
  • Gain Size and Mass 
  • 1180 Calories and 52 Grams of Protein Per Serving 


Use Mass Gain Once Daily Or As Directed By Your Nutritionist Or Physician To Reach Your Fitness And Physique Goals. Blender Preparation Instructions: Add Water And/or Milk, A Handful Of Ice Cubes, Your Desired Ingredients And Your Preferred Serving Of Mass Gain Into The Blender. After Closing The Lid, Blend For 20-30 Seconds Or Until You Reach Your Target Consistency.


Purus Labs Mass Gain Supplement Facts


Allergen Information: Contains Milk And Soy.