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Protein Bar Formula | Met-Rx Big 100 Bar

If you're looking for a new & delicious Protein bar, Met-Rx has got you covered. Met-Rx Big 100 Bar is 100% all natural & Certified Organic. Met-Rx Big 100 Bar is offered in a variety of delicious & unique tasting flavors, & contains a whopping 32g of Protein per serving!! Met-Rx is a super easy snack to take on-the-go, & is Gluten-free. Met-Rx Big 100 has a brand new improved taste & flavor, & contains 17 essential Vitamins & Minerals. Met-Rx Big 100 Bar is formulated with 25% less Sugar than leading snack bars!! On top of all of that, Met-Rx is non-GMO & contains fully natural flavors & colors. Step up your Protein game today!! Pick up a box!! Introducing Met-Rx Big 100 Bar!!

Met-Rx Big 100 Bar Benefits

  • 100% All Natural & Certified Organic Formula
  • Offered In A Variety Of Delicious & Unique Tasting Flavors
  • Contains A Whopping 32 Grams Of Protein Per Serving
  • Fully Natural Flavors, Colors, & Ingredients
  • Easy Snack To Take With You On-The-Go
  • Gluten-Free & Non-GMO Snack Option For You
  • Has A Brand New Improved Taste & Flavor
  • Formulated With 25% Less Sugar Per Serving
  • Contains A Whopping 17 Vitamins & Minerals

Met-Rx Big 100 Bar Flavors

  • Jelly Donut Crunch
  • Vanilla Caramel Churro
  • Chocolate Toasted Almond

How Do I Take Met-Rx Big 100 Bar?

Met-Rx recommends enjoying one (1) Protein Bar whenever you're craving a delicious & nutritious Protein, sweet Tooth quenching snack!

Met-Rx Big 100 Bar Ingredients


Met-Rx Big 100 Bar Side Effects & Warnings

Do not exceed recommended dose. Keep out of reach of children. Do not consume if you have any Nut allergies. 


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