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Pro Tan Bikini Bite (No-Slip Suit Fastener) Competition Formula 3oz

Bikini Bite Roll-On. Hold Everything. No-Slip Suit Fastener. Step 4. ProTan. Control what you want and when you want them to see it with Bikini Bite. No-Slip Suit Fastener provides superior holding power yet gentle to the skin. Easy roll-on formula keeps posing suits & costumes adhered for hours. Keeps bikinis, mini dresses, hot shorts and skirts in place. Bikini Bite is used to keep your suit from slipping


  • Provides superior holding power for hours, yet it's gentle to the skin.
  • Washes off with soap and water.
  • Won't stain bikini.


Apply directly to your skin and the inside of the suit, allow drying and press together. Easy to apply roll-on keeps suit adhered for hours. Won't stain fabric. Washes off with soap and water after each use.