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Flavors: Vanilla Caramel
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Muscle Meds | Carnivor Bioengineered Beef Protein Isolate Fruit Punch

Beef-up with Carnivor "The World's First Beef Protein Isolate. Muscle Meds Carnivor is Bioengineered Beef Protein Isolate that contains beef protein with 350% more concentrated than steak and more concentrated than whey isolate. The muscle building power of beef cannot be disputed. Thanks to the development of an advanced bioengineered beef protein, MuscleMeds has formulated the most sought after muscle building protein.

The World's First All Beef Protein Isolate is More Concentrated Than Whey

Beef Protein Isolate is even 350% more concentrated in probolic muscle building amino than a prime sirloin steak. Using new advanced extraction, clarification, hydrolysis and isolation technologies Carnivor's Beef Protein Isolate delivers the muscle building power of beef with higher amino acid levels than all other protein sources used in supplements including: whey, soy, milk and egg.

MuscleMeds Carnivor Mass Gainer Product Benefits

  • 50g Hydrolyzed beef protein isolate
  • 125g High impact reactive carbs
  • Insulin amplification and signaling
  • Loaded with creatine and BCAAs
  • Sugar free
  • Lactose free
  • Less than 2 grams fat

Muscle Meds Supplement Facts



Store in a cool dry place after opening.