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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Superdrol

The Most Powerful Single Tablet Prohormone Available!

This product is short for "Super Anadrol" and is a designer prohormone supplement that will help athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts lose weight and burn fat at the same time helping build more lean muscle mass. It is one of the best prohormones for getting that ideal ripped looking physique without losing all the strength.

Superdrol moves bodybuilding supplementation to the next level with this anabolic, potent, single dose prohormone created for bodybuilders and athletes. It contains the highest dose of prohormones found on the market today. Nothing is stronger. This is the highest concentrated prohormone supplement you will find.

  • Androstenolone Acetate
  • Androsterone undecanoate
  • 4-DHEA
  • 1-DHEA
  • 4-Androstene-3?-ol-17-one

Benefits & Results of Superdrol

What types of results should you expect from cycling with this product?

  • Boost Testosterone Levels
  • Enhance Athletic Performance
  • Increase Strength & Power
  • Burn Fat & Lose Weight
  • Improve Lean Muscle Mass and Definition
  • Promotes Protein Synthesis
  • 100% Legal Prohormone Esters

Cyclosome™ Technology

Some ask why these prohormones are not destroyed in the liver. It is because of the delivery system that Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals uses for Superdrol. This is the answer to getting poorly absorbed Testosterone boosting compounds and legal prohormones into the body so they can work! This technology is creates a Trojan Horse effect so that the ingredients within Superdrol can easily pass through the liver, unlike competitor products where most of the ingredients will be destroyed, meaning less results for you.

Directions & Dosage

Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals recommends that you take 1 tablet in the morning and 1 tablet in the afternoon with food. Never exceed more than 2 tablets within 24 hours. This product can be cycled for up to 8-12 weeks.

PCT - Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals recommends that you take Arimiplex as your PCT after cycling with Superdrol.

Ingredients & Supplement Facts - Label


Serving Size: 1 Tablet
Servings per Container: 42
Superdrol Proprietary Prohormone & Anabolic Blend 300mg
4-Androstene3b-ol, 17-one, 1-Androstene-3b-ol, 17-one, Androsterone Undecanoate, Androstenolone Acetate, 6-oxo-^4-pregnene-3,20-dione, Ajuga Turkestanica Extract (Whole Plant), [(3b,5a,6a,25R)-Spirostan-3,6-diol]

Other Ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Phosphatidylcholine 75%, Hydroxypropyl Beta Cyclodextrin, Phytosterols, Magnesium Stearate, Silica, FD&C Blue #2, FD&C Red #40.

Warnings & Side Effects

Not for use of persons under the age of 18. Do not use if you are currently breast feeding, pregnant or plan to become pregnant. Keep out of reach of children. Consult your doctor prior to use if you have any medical conditions or if you are taking any other medications. Discontinue use immediately if you experience rapid heartbeat, dizziness, vomiting or other similar symptoms.

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Donald B.
United States United States
Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Superdrol

I found that adding this supplement to my pre-workout routine really helped in getting past a few plateaus that had been holding me back. The additional drive that this provided was the extra edge that was needed to get the job done. It was also nice to feel more like my "younger" self and, as a man in my mid-50's, that was just an added bonus for me.

Joshua H.
United States United States
The Best

Great product I need more lol

Gregory G.
United States United States
I have just gone through

I have just gone through my first bottle and i was sure to order another a wk before this one ran out because of how well its working. Only three wks in and my strength, size, and endurance have all risen. Stacking this with 1-testosterone and dymethazine has already made visible improvements on muscle tone and pump.

Jacob L.
United States United States
Great product

Felt more energetic and eager to work out

Kevin M.
United States United States

Very good product. If you have realistic expectations and good training base, I find it very helpful.

Nathanial B.
United States United States
Stuff works!!

It was about day 4 I noticed my appetite was through the roof! Very good strength gains and fast recovery. Noticeable results on my arms and back! Ordered a 6 week supply and will definitely do another cycle when finished and pct as well as rest is complete!!

Nicholas M.
United States United States

Great would buy again

Demian S.
United States United States

Solid strength gains in a short time , weight gain decent, endurance and recovery very good ! Strongly recommend and will buy again !

A Supplement Warehouse Customer
angie w.
United States United States

As always hi- tech has superb products and never disappoints!

Michael P.
United States United States
Great Supplement

Loved it. Used it in a stack with test. If you workout hard and eat good, you will see some amazing results. Definitely a great supp!

Jason l.
United States United States

Fast active and you will know the difference fast

Taylor W.
United States United States

Amazing product. Best pro hormone I have taken.

Rafael M.
United States United States
Impressive results even at my age

Had results between 2nd and third week with no side effects

Manuel E.
United States United States

These pills are amazing they are upping my training for my upcoming fight. Would highly recommend

Armando M.
United States United States

I enjoyed this product. I went down from 191 to 180 while maintaining strength and over all hardness of my muscles. I’m very confident that if I used it for gaining size I’d be able to see great results from taking it. I do triathlons, so keeping a low weight for cardio while keeping a nice physique is my overall goal and this definitely helped with that.

David M.
United States United States

Very good nice it works

Robert M.
United States United States

Definitely noticed strength gains . But I also noticed a huge increase in appetite

United States United States
Great delivery

I can only review this item based on delivery because I am starting this product next week. Delivery was fast and accurate. I will give up to date results once starting this product.

Supplement Warehouse Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Superdrol Review
Robert M.
United States United States
Pretty good

It was ok I noticed a increase in calories I had to eat this seem to make me eat a whole lot more than what I am used to witch in turn added good size I liked this but I think I liked the halodrol and 1Ad together as a stack now that’s definitely a good combo . I would buy again

Scott B.
United States United States
Great pump!

Just started this week and already feel a better pump.

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