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MD ScienceLab Max Hard | Men's Sexual Endurance Support Supplement

Looking to get harder erections? Do you want to be harder than you ever have before during intercourse and sexual activity? Then you need Max Hard by MD ScienceLab! Max Hard is an advanced formula that works fast to give you the most incredible erections you have ever experienced. Not only that, this comprehensive formula helps to give you the ultimate staying power with more excitement and endurance than you are used to. Get harder and more excited with Max Hard!

Benefits & Results

  • Maximum Male Excitement
  • More Sexual Endurance
  • Harder Erections
  • Increased "Staying" Power

Directions & Dosage

MDScience Lab recommends that you take one capsule of Max Hard 30-45min before sexual activity. If you would like even harder erections, take two capsules before activity.

Supplement Facts & Nutritional Ingredients