IronMagLabs Ephedra Stack 90ct

This amazing fat burner is Scientifically Proven To Work! This fat burning powerhouse gives you the power of the ECA Stack  a combination of ephedra, caffeine, and aspirin (white willow bark). Ephedra Stack will help speed up your metabolism and suppress your appetite, both which will help you lose more weight than you ever have before. 

In fact, in a study conducted at Harvard Medical School, researchers found that it literally burned 246% more fat than placebo!

The Key Ingredients

  • Ephedra Extract – 25mg
  • Caffeine Anhydrous – 150mg
  • White Willow Bark – 40mg
  • Higenamine – 30mg

This combination of ingredients is unlike anything else on the market today. This is why it has been shown to help both men and women burn more fat than with any other fat burner they have tried before.

Directions & Dosage

IronMag Labs recommends that you take 1-2 capsules of Ephedra Stack in the morning and an additional capsule in the afternoon. Take with one large glass of water. Do not exceed more than 3 capsules in 24 hours.