Should You Dry Scoop Your Pre-Workout?

Dry Scoop Pre-Workout

Dry scooping your pre-workout supplement. What used to be a taboo thing to do has become much more mainstream, to the point, some supplement manufacturers are actually making products just for dry scooping! But is it safe? It is even recommended to do? Lets get into it further.

Why Dry Scoop? What Does It Do?

There are a few reasons people started dry scooping their pre-workout supplement. We are going to skip the wow factor. That is what really started this whole trend. WOW...look at that, he just dry scooped that entire pre-workout!!! This has been trending on places like TikTok for quite some time, which has increased the popularity.

  • No need for for shaker bottle, glass of water...nothing. You can easily get that energy when you need it, wherever you are, no accessories required.
  • Supposedly people say that when you dry scoop the pre-workout, it hits you harder and quicker. I think this is just based on unique experiences, as we have heard mixed results. Really depends on the pre-workout supplement you are taking.

Is Dry Scooping Safe? Is it Bad?

Most people participating in dry scooping will be fine. There have been a few cases of people being rushed to the hospital after dry scooping their pre-workout. We don't know though how much they did and what ingredients were actually in the pre-workout they took.

The other potential issue with dry scooping is choking. Especially if the scoop of your pre-workout is large. We have even seen the trend of dry scooping your protein powder, which could increase the danger here.

According to Dr. Boling, Dry scooping can also fuel dehydration, which would actually work against what you're going for here.

How to Dry Scoop Your Pre-Workout

Dry Scoop Pre-Workout Demon Dust

Now, if you still want to try dry scooping your pre-workout, we first recommend using a pre-workout supplement that was created for dry scooping. The one that we highly recommend is Insane Labz Demon Dust. This one has 50 servings and was formulated for those looking to dry scoop their pre-workout supplement.

All you need to do is place one scoop under your tongue and boom, you’ll have more energy than you can handle.  No longer will you have to carry a shaker or buy sugar-filled energy drinks, Demon Dust comes with 50 massive servings in an easy to handle 8 oz bottle. 

Demon Dust Reviews on Dry Scooping

First time trying a dry pre workout. First impression, taste is funky but definitely different and provides an insane focus!

This stuff is amazing, I use it for the gym and focus and when I take a half dose for focus it hits like a ton of bricks(in a good way). The added energy is a plus. The only negative is it has a...unique? after taste and texture after you swallow it though how well it works out weighs this by far :)

A great preworkout. I idea of not having to use water is a great idea. I feel the effects started quicker than other preworkouts that I have use. I highly recommend trying this.

Dry Scooping Other Supplements

While we don't recommend it, people are also dry scooping their BCAA's, protein powder and creatine. While there should be no advantage to doing so, some of our customers actually like dry scooping these supplements. We mentioned this above, but if you plan to dry scoop your creatine, BCAA or protein powder, especially the protein powder, be careful of the size of the scoop, where choking is a real hazard. Again, we don't recommend dry scooping any supplement that is not specifically formulated to do so.

Final Thoughts

No that you know the reasons people dry scoop and if you should/shouldn't, we would love to hear back from you if you did or decided against it and why. Email us at and we will post some of the responses below.