Jujimufu Smelling Salts

Joe Rogan Tries to Sniff Smelling Salts with Theo Von


What Are Smelling Salts?

Smelling salts are chemical compounds. The White Ammonium Carbonate is the usual active compound in smelling salts that resembles normal salt.

What Are Smelling Salts Used For?

Smelling salts have been traditionally used as stimulants for those who have fainted. Smelling salts are also commonly used to restore consciousness of boxers who have been knocked out. They're used by many competitive athletes, as a powerful stimulant to wake up and perform to their max potential. Powerlifters and strongmen also commonly use smelling salts as a nervous system stimulator in order to perform better for competitions.

Jujimufu's Smelling Salts

Theo Von, a stand up comedian, and Joe Rogan, podcaster and commentator, both tried out Jujimufu's smelling salts, along with Rogan's assistant, Jamie, during the podcast.

Rogan's Thoughts

Before sniffing the salts, Von, Rogan & Jamie could already smell the salts through the plastic bag and sealed bottle. Rogan said, “I feel like we should open it. But if we open it, is it bad to open in this room?”“We’re just freaking out about the smell and the plastic is – you hear that? That’s Theo taking the plastic off the bottle. So that b* was sealed up.”

Joe Rogan held the bottle as far as possible before pondering over how athletes smell these salts in order to jolt their nervous system before the performance. When it came to taking a sniff, however, Rogan jolted in his seat. Putting the cap back on the bottle, Rogan ranted his thoughts out:“Oh my god! Holy sh*! Oh my god! Oh my god! That’s stunning! I would have never imagined. That’s so unnecessary.”

Von's Reaction

"Theo Von inhaled the salt and could barely keep his equilibrium but managed to keep his wits together."

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