South Florida-Inspired, Tropical New Bang Coming Soon?
Florida Themed Bang Flavor

Brand New Bang Energy Flavor

VPX Sports and Bang Energy have surprised all of us again by posting a teaser video for a brand-new Bang Energy flavor on their Instagram (@bangenergy)! It seems like just the other day that they finally revealed their most recent flavor of Bang, Birthday Cake Bash, but that isn't stopping them from rolling out a teaser for a new flavor already! 

The new flavor's design seems to be following the trend of the white can from Birthday Cake Bash, but this flavor has teal green and red accents instead. This choice makes sense considering this flavor seems to be Florida inspired, colors taken from the Miami Dolphins. The teaser post on Instagram also mentions Bang Energy's home in South Florida and how they found inspiration for this "tropical" flavor. 

We don't know too much else about this new flavor of Bang, but the teaser video does show that it will be 0 calories (like most Bang flavors) and it will contain Bang's signature super creatine, BCAA aminos, as well as Nitro-Jack formula. 

Tropical New Bang

What do you think this new flavor might be? Tell us your guesses while we wait for more news to come on this new flavor! 


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