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New Product Alert - PEScience Omnizen

by Jennie Neylon June 18, 2019 0 Comments

PEScience Omnizen

New Product from PEScience

PEScience has exciting news for fans of the brand! They have a new product coming soon called Omnizen, a mood boosting supplement! Omnizen is a comprehensive, multi-faceted mood enhancing supplement has benefits for the daily stresses of life, like work and errands. Between these daily stresses it can be hard to get a workout in, and when you finally do, you can't get a great workout in when you're stressed out! Soon Omnizen will be here to help. 

Omnizen will feature an ingredient label consisting of Lemon Balm extract, Ashwagandha extract, L-Theanine, and more to offer a comprehensive mood and stress control formula. We now know the whole formula of the upcoming Omnizen, just check the label below for all the details! 

PEScience Omnizen will be released sooner than later, so stay tuned here at Supplement Warehouse for all the news on this new product! 

Omnizen Label
Jennie Neylon
Jennie Neylon

Jennie is a Content Writer with a Bachelor's degree in Professional Writing & Publishing. She is passionate about improving her own healthy lifestyle and helping others build theirs through supplementation, nutrition, and fitness!