Reign Energy Introduces A Zero Sugar and Fat Burning Clean Energy Drink Storm

Reign Storm Clean Energy

Reign Energy gained popularity a few years ago when it entered the energy drink market and has only continued to grow its market share from there. Each can of Reign Energy contained 300mg of caffeine, along with BCAAs, electrolytes and CoQ10. Over time we have received several new flavors along with an additional expansion of a Thermogenic version Reign Inferno.

This year it would seem that Reign will be introducing a new beverage they are naming Reign Storm. This new version of Reign looks to be more of a functional drink in a slimmer 12 oz. can, compared to the original 16 oz. version. Storm is being marketed as a clean energy drink for a much wider audience that is said to energize, burn body fat, and support the immune system. This new energy drink will come in four different flavors of Harvest Grape, Valencia Orange, Kiwi Blend, and Peach Nectarine. All Reign Storm will have no added sugar and very low calories.


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