Redcon1 Going Green With Green Beret Vegan Protein
New Green Beret Vegan Protein


Green Beret, Redcon1's newest addition to their product line-up was announced yesterday on CEO Aaron Singerman's Instagram profile. The product is set to be released around March 11 and will be a naturally sweetened Vegan Protein with no artificial colors, flavors, or dies. Aaron said after tasting the new finely milled Vegan Protein he was sold. The entire line-up of flavors has not been announced, but at least once flavor has been confirmed, Strawberry. We'll be posting an update here once Green Beret rolls out so stay tuned to Supplement Warehouse for Updates. 

5/23/19 UPDATE: As of today, we now have Redcon1 Green Beret available to purchase! We have all of the breakdowns and details on this product on its product page, so follow the link below to learn everything you need to about and to buy Green Beret!

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