New Spicy Flavor of Quest Protein Tortilla Chips - Chili Lime
Quest Protein Tortilla Chips Chili Lime

Spice Things up with new Chili Lime-Flavored Quest Tortilla Protein Chips

Introducing what just might be one of the greatest guilt-free snacks of all time: Quest Tortilla Protein Chips in their new Chili Lime flavor! I'm pretty sure at some point we all find ourselves reaching for that bag of potato chips or tortilla chips when we're craving snacks. Well now you can do just that without feeling guilty! Quest Tortilla Style Chili Lime Protein Chips are packed with 20 grams of protein per bag and only 3 grams of net carbs per bag! On top of that, each bag weighs in at only 140 calories! Thanks to their high protein content, these chips will keep you full without filling you up on unnecessary carbs and calories! 

And trust us when we say these chips are DELICIOUS. You won't even miss your previous, unhealthy snack options. And if you love a little bit of spice, then this flavor is for you! 

We'll be getting these Quest Chili Lime Chips in stock VERY SOON, so check back to our blog, where we'll include a link to their product page ASAP! In the meantime, we have other flavors of Quest Tortilla Protein Chips, which you can check out here!

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