New "Mystato" Prohormone from LG Sciences
LG Sciences Mystato Prohormone

New LG Sciences Prohormone - Myostatin Inhibitor

With the rise of myostatin supplements in the supplement industry lately, LG Sciences has jumped on board the hype train with Mystato! If you've tried everything to build lean muscle or you're just looking for a new muscle builder, then you have to give Mystato a try! Myostatin inhibitors are back in the news lately for their ability to prevent muscle loss. Myostatin is an enzyme in your body that can work against your muscles, so by blocking this enzyme you can naturally preserve and build muscle like never before! Mystato's ingredients such as broccoli extract (200mg), calcium HMB (275mg), and epicatechin (100mg) help lower and block myostatin and promote the growth of lean muscle, helping you not only protect but also increase your muscle mass! 

If you're interested to know more about LG Sciences' Mystato or you would like to know where to buy it, we can answer all your questions! Follow the link below to find our Mystato product page, where you can find more information on Mystato including supplement facts, and where you can buy this amazing prohormone! 

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