New Flavor Coming Soon for Performax Labs HyperMax Extreme!
Hypermax Extreme New Flavor

Performax Labs Reveals new HyperMax Extreme Flavor!

Performax Labs is expanding its flavor lineup for its recently released pre-workout Hypermax Extreme! Hypermax currently comes in two flavors: Orange Mango and Raspberry Lemonade. But this new flavor is going to shake things up! If you've been waiting for a new flavor of Hypermax, then get ready: the new flavor will be Rocket Bomb! 

Hypermax Extreme is Performax Labs' recent upgrade to the Hypermax pre-workout. You may have known Hypermax before as a super potent pre-workout, but Hypermax Extreme has taken its formula to the next level! Hypermax Extreme is a pre-workout with high stimulant levels and helps with blood flow, which can also increase pumps as much as energy! 

Hypermax Extreme Rocket Bomb will be exclusively launched at one of Performax Lab's retail partners that will be named later. This new flavor is coming soon, so keep checking back to Supplement Warehouse's blog for updates and when you can expect this new product! 

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