New Flavor Alert: Raze Ginger Ale Coming Black Friday

RAZE Energy Ginger Ale

Over the past year RAZE Energy has released a number of great tasting energy drinks from Blue Shock, to Zombooze, and many other flavors. All of these flavor releases are why I am such a big fan of the brand. They keep things so exciting and interesting, and I'm always looking ahead to see what flavor they may come out with next. Earlier today RAZE announced a new extension to the long line of flavors that will be releasing on Thanksgiving. The energy drink line will be adding an all new green-colored can delivering, the classic Ginger Ale flavor.


If you haven't tried RAZE Energy drinks yet, I would highly recommend getting your hands on a can, whatever flavor it may be. These drinks have quickly become the most popular within our team. Each can packs 300mg of caffeine along with aminos, nootropics, no sugar, and no calories. While this flavor is being labeled limited time, we have seen popular limited edition flavors become permanent ones. This could very well be the case for this flavor depending on the feedback from all of you. Again this will be released through RAZE on Thanksgiving, and hopefully these will be hitting our site not long after!


REPP Sports Raze Energy RTD 12/Case


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