Insane Labz Psychotic HELLBOY Edition Coming Soon
Insane Labz Hellboy Edition Supplements

Insane Labz and Hellboy Movie Bring you new Powered-Up Supplements

Insane Labz has teamed up with the people behind the upcoming Hellboy movie to bring new takes on your favorite Insane Labz supplements. Insane Labz will be introducing Psychotic Hellboy Edition and Insane Amino Hellboy Edition.

These Hellboy Edition supplements will be boast all of the benefits you're used to with Insane Labz, but now with a longer-lasting formula that hits faster than ever before. Psychotic Hellboy Edition will give you more energy than ever before that will keep you going for longer than before too! And now the Insane Amino Hellboy Edition will also include energy boosters in its formula, to support energy and recovery no matter when you take it! 

Both products will come out in three flavors: blue raspberry, fruit punch, and lemonade. The expected release date for these Hellboy Edition supplements is April 1st, so you'll soon be hearing a lot more about Hellboy Edition Psychotic and Insane Amino from us! We'll give you an update as soon as we learn more and as soon as we get these products in! 

April 1st Update: These Hellboy Edition products are here! Don't worry, this isn't an April Fool's joke, so follow the links below and you'll be taken to each product's page where you can learn more and buy it! 

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