Gaspari's New "Proven Egg" Egg White Protein
Proven Egg Preview

Gaspari Proven Egg - 100% Egg White Protein

Gaspari Nutrition has announced that they will be adding a brand new product to their lineup: Proven Egg! They describe Proven Egg as a 100% egg white protein that offers "nature's complete protein source." The announcement also notes that Proven Egg is "21% more efficient than whey protein in building lean muscle." It will also contain zero hormones, antibiotics, dairy, and lactose, as well as zero artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners, making it a very friendly product for all kinds of users. 

That's about all the information that was given about Proven Egg for now, but keep checking back to Supplement Warehouse for more details on this product and when it will be available! 

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