Focus XT "Area 51" Themed Flavors Coming Soon

Area 51-Themed Focus XT Supplements On The Way

Focus XT Area 51 Flavors

If you enjoyed the Area 51 memes that were circulating the internet and national news a few months back, you're going to love these Area 51-themed supplements coming soon from Serous Nutrition Solutions! The brand has teased an Area 51 and alien-themed lineup of Focus XT flavors, with hidden names that will be revealed soon.

These "Alien Series" flavors have mystery names, but there are small hints on the packaging, such as a Grape & Lime on one bottle, and a Pineapple on another. We're unsure about the third flavor to be released, though. 

These special editions of Focus XT will likely have the same formula as the classic Focus XT, with 200mg of Caffeine, and we know based on the packaging that they will also be sugar free like the rest. This formula promotes energy, focus, endurance, and more- and as an avid user of Focus XT myself, I can tell you it really comes through on these claims! 

We'll be keeping you updated when these flavors are released, but until then if you can't wait to try Focus XT, check out our other flavors available of the Nootropic supplement!

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