Beast Unleashed Alcoholic Monster Energy Drink is Coming

Monster Beast Unleashed Alcohol Energy Drink

What a couple of years for the Monster Beverage Corporation huh? Not only expanding the flavors of their Monster Energy Drink, but releasing Reign to rival Bang and now and alcoholic energy drink called Beast Unleashed! This will be the first time Monster is getting into the alcohol and liquor game so it will be interesting to see what they unleash!...well the Beast!

What do We Know?

There are a few things we know about this new Beast Unleashed energy alcoholic drink. Monster Beast Unleashed will be a malt liquor type of drink with a whopping 6% alcohol. Not terribly strong, but slightly more than a beer. What I am really excited about is the four flavors that they are releasing. Their flavoring is on point, so I am guessing these things will be delicious!

You will be able to choose from two sizes. A slim 12 ounce can and a bigger 16 ounce can if you really plan on doing some drinking.

We have no idea what the can is going to look like though. I would guess something similar to Monster, or in between the Monster and Reign look. Either way, they are going to want to keep their branding so I would assume it will be very noticeable. 

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